Haiku Heights #214


palms sweaty, mouth dry
my hearts pounds as I tell them
about the real me
In response to the Haiku Heights Contest #214 – Fortitude.
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1st Order of Zappai

When springtime comes here
It means summer is closer
Time just flies away
Looking closer now,
I see the depths of color.
Taking in the sight
The nectar of Life
fills my stomach to disgust
The aches are my Life
Blowing, blowing hard
The speed of prgress is quick
I hope I keep up
Dying winds cry out
of their lost of love unknown
Despair fills their soul
Before and After,
I start the same way I end
Each and everyday
All the people loom
Before a shy, nervous me
Walls are closing in
Quickening the pace,
I press forward much faster
Until I reach it
High above the trees
is the sun too bright for ye,
Overcast suits me
Zipping through your life
is the most unfortunate
Practice of living

My Zappai Intro

Zappai for the 21st Century

A Brief Preface: The purpose of this blog is to create a space for the poetic form of Haiku that simply expresses the thoughts of the poet without the concern of all the rules typically associated with Haiku and Senryu. In this blog, there will be mostly poems that would be considered Zappai, although there might be some Haiku and Senryu as well. For this blog, these Zappai will adhere to the 5-7-5 rule.
Unless noted or titled otherwise as a group, individual Haiku and Zappai are untitled. Everyone is free to comment and to compose Haiku themseves. So here are my Zappai….